BOOKEEDO /bukido/

is a fashion brand that creates unique clothing pieces in small collections & size numbers for little humans; boys & girls, kids of today & grownups of the future.

Designs are created in a collusion with kids imagination &visions that occupy senses &move their spirits.

Aesthetics of the brand consists of visually familiar and appealing motives in pattern and illustrations created to cherish children's playful nature, open minds & also as reminders not to grow up too fast.

Model forms &cuts tend to be simple primarily because of the wearable function so the body can feel comfortable in motion &can fully express itself.

The brand works mostly with natural fabrics & GOTS certified eco organic textiles + cooperates with print services in Europe who offer high-quality printing with GOTS certified water-based colours.

Every design is a complete product, from idea to realisation, personally handmade by the designer. Bigger orders are exceptions and will be manufactured in cooperation by local cooperatives that employ socially excluded people and whose management is based on 'the good economy' principles.

A brand is also attracted to ideas represented by 'Fashion Revolution' + 'Who Made My Clothes?' movements and aspires to embed them into the projects to give the fashion more holistic approach with one goal in mind; that while we're playing with fashion our ecological imprint is non-existing or at least not destructive to the environment.

BOOKEEDO brand + clothing line + fabric pattern designs & illustrations are created & made by certified visual artist & graphic designer living in a picturesque city in the north part of Croatia /Europe/
+ mama of two kiddos who nurture the still present kid inside of her &with whom BOOKEEDO brand will grow together.

Don't leave from here as a stranger, feel free to interact & poke with questions :)